Specky Events

Our main objective is to make your event a massive success and backed by experience and the fact that when you deal with us, you are dealing direct with the owners you are in good stead!  If you have a look around our site you will see hundred of examples of events and curated programs we have run across the expanse of this the country.  Our main items are patented so they are not available anywhere but Specky goes beyond the equipment ... we are all about the experience!    

Where to now?   The first thing to do is contact Becky using the form here and lets get chatting!

A brief history of SPECKY.

The brainchild of Dean Henderson has gone from an idea years back to now being the most exciting Cross training and Entertainment product for Australian Rules on the market.  The Specky has been used widely at major events including the AFL Playgrounds at the MCG, Etihad and Metricon stadium. Its been a mainstay at major clubs family fun days and on ground pre match entertainment.  And of course a HUGE favorite at Federation Square Grand Final Week. 

The Specky has been enjoyed by thousands of kids and its popularity has got real momentum behind it. Now with an ever expanding involvement with major clubs and units being used across the country the Specky range r is reaching further afield and gaining greater recognition and exposure. 

But its really the grass roots connection with football and getting kids excited about getting involved and thriving within the diverse culture and expanding opportunities within out national sport.