Specky Community Programs

The Specky Team have already showcased our exciting programs to many communities across Australia to great success and the support and outcomes have been incredible. Now we give Community the opportunity of ownership over this exciting program with the addition of opportunities in training, employment, skill development along with collation and monitoring of real sustainable results! 

Specky is renowned as a highly engaging, Educational and Health promotional community event focused on FOOTY, FUN, FITNESS, and HEALTH.  We are proud of our ongoing association with Community and the opportunity to build further into the future and help create sustainable and rewarding employment is something we are very committed to.

Specky run national events that work on the principal of using “Sport for Change” focusing on the strengths of young people, developing skills and attitudes towards dreaming big and making the right choices toward living a healthy and fulfilling life. The Specky team has 15 years combined experience working within community at grassroots level. It is through this experience that we understand how important sport is to communities. 

Our team are determined at working towards closing the GAP and addressing disadvantages faced by young Indigenous people, by creating a highly engaging, fun and safe festival, to provide, skills, resources, and messages around health, fitness and education. 

Along with the exciting new inflatable equipment we have an extensive fitness circuit and Athletic Program to engage footy teams, for quality development, skills and high level training sessions.


Specky has already demonstrated how it has been so well received in Community by all ages, gender and ability levels. We now want Community to have ownership over this program. We have devised a Lease Model that allows Community members by run our program for their youth. We will give community members the training, skills, equipment and monitoring and data collating program to make this a sustainable program for community.  Where youth will ascertain real results!




Specky will facilitate courses for 5-10 Indigenous  male youths and 5-10 Indigenous female youths, to give them the opportunity to coordinate, manage  and facilitate footy and athletic programs throughout their community and schools. Also with the opportunity to be financially reward for their work through a sponsor or supporting body.   Specky will set up a National Indigenous Web Site to record and manage Athletic & Sports achievements throughout the year.

Specky Footy, Fitness & Athletic Program gives continuity and sustainability for a fabulous sports program back to the community, providing ownership and financial befits to the community.


Our Lease Model contains the following;

·       Training Community members in Accredited Level 1 Coaching

·       Training Community members in Accredited Level 1 Athletic Coaching

·       All inflatable Specky equipment

·       All fitness and Athletic equipment

·       Remote login to monitoring and data collation program to track results of all participants

·       Specky Operation Manuals

·       Ongoing support and training


We have a full and detailed proposal ready to be emailed to you that gives an in depth explanation in regards the full scope of what an incredible opportunity we have before us. 

If you would like an information package sent or have questions you would like to talk over feel free to call on the numbers below or complete the email form below!

Dean Henderson  0448 742 193      Rebecca Henderson 0431 773 686

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